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How to apply

Before a student can apply directly at University of Education Weingarten, the student’s home Institution has to nominate a student via Email to the International Office PHW. 

Once the home institution has successfully nominated a student, the student will then receive a confirmation e-mail from the PH Weingarten International Office with a link to the online application portal Mobility Online.

Upon receipt of the e-mail, the student can then start the application process. Please be aware, that PH Weingarten only accepts online applications. The printed and signed application and all supporting documents must also be submitted by post to PH Weingarten by the due date mentioned in the e-mail.

All documents must be sent by the International Office of the home institution to PH Weingarten:

Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten
International Office
Kirchplatz 2 88250 Weingarten

For smooth processing of the applications, we ask for submission of the application and all supporting documents in a timely manner.

The application should include the following documents:
(Please note, that all documents should be uploaded as .pdf files. Photos can be uploaded as .jpeg files)

- Signed application form
When requesting a room at the student accommodation facility “Seezeit”, the student will receive more information and an application form via e-mail from the International Office (at a later stage and upon approval of the application). If the student decides to fond a shared flat, please note that appartments here in the region are difficult to come by. We therefore recommend the dorm.

- Curriculum vitae

- Photo (passport or application photo)

- Motivation letter, outlining the inspiration and incentive to study at PH Weingarten.
The motivation letter should be written in German or alternatively in English.

- Certificate of enrollment at home institution

- Academic transcript

- Certificate of German or English skills.

For a successful exchange at University of Education Weingarten we recommend German language skills of at least B1 level (GER/CEFR). See German Language Proficiency At least solid English skills are recommended!

One month BEFORE the beginning of each semester we offer German intensive classes. However, this is no substitute for your German classes at your home university. Please upload proof of your German or where applicable English language skills.

- Copy of passport