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Where to stay

You have two options concerning accommodation during your stay at the PHW. You may choose to take advantage of our dorms provided by “Seezeit” or you may look for your own accommodation. 

Please note that if you decide to find your own accommodation, we will not be able to help you find a place in the short term. Also note that student accommodations in Weingarten and surrounding areas are in high demand and therefore difficult to find a shared flat. 

If you decide to take advantage of our accommodation service (which we strongly recommend), the International Office will be happy to help you. Deadlines must be kept or there is the possibility that no room is available. Please also note that it is stipulated that rent for the rooms will be for five full months even if you depart early. The last month’s rent cannot be deducted from the deposit but must be paid in full. Deposit must be paid in advance to secure your room.

The duration of the contract for accommodation cannot be shortened. Please note the contract periods below when signing your contract.

Summer Term Contract period: 01st of April to 31st of August
Usually students can already leave around end of July, however if accepting the contract of “Seezeit” students will also have to pay for August. This is a contract term and cannot be altered.

Winter Term Contract period: 01st of October to 28th of February
Please note that the accommodation can only be arranged for the full length of the semester. No refunds will be made if you depart earlier or arrive later. 

The student residences are located in Weingarten and Ravensburg. Seezeit is responsible for the allocation of the rooms. The PHW International Office has no influence on this process. All rooms at Seezeit are self-catered.

You will receive the necessary information in advance before your arrival such as address and cost of rent direct from Seezeit.

Bedding (sheets, pillow and blanket) can be purchased from ‘Seezeit’ for 45 EUR. Please inform them if you require the bedding in advance!

Remember to bring converters and plugs for German outlets. There is WiFi available in the dorm but it is always helpful to have a LAN cable and adaptor plugs if the WiFi is not working properly.

Also, be aware of the four seasons in Germany. (summer, autumn, winter, spring). In the winter, temperatures can be as low as -10° Celsius. Also, we can have a 'cold snap' in the summer where you may need a light jacket. Bring appropriate clothing and shoes.

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