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NEU: Offene Sprechstunden WiSe 2020 - 21 Termine 

Wege ins Ausland – Info zum Auslandssemester **Kultur erleben ** Spaß haben**Neue Freundschaften schließen **Reisen**Dein Fachwissen aufbessern**Eine Sprache vertiefen**Viele neue Erfahrungen sammeln**



Bitte beachten!Ab sofort und bis auf Weiteres finden im International Office keine persönlichen Beratungstermine statt. Sie können uns jedoch per E-Mail erreichen. Kontakt / ZuständigkeitenWir bitten Sie für diese Maßnahme um Verständnis.

Please note!
The International Office will remain closed until further notice. You can still reach us by Email and we look forward to hearing from you! Contacts

We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

University of Education Weingarten reopens

Update: 02 October 2020

The University of Education Weingarten will open its doors on Monday, October 5 for students. In compliance with the strict Corona Regulations, there will be a limited number of face-to-face classes offered in the winter term. See more.

Building Closure Extended + Dates for the Winter Term

Update: 17 June 2020 

The new Corona Regulation from 9 June from the State of Baden-Württemberg has extended the suspension of face-to-face classrooms until at least 30 June. This means that the buildings at the PH Weingarten will remain closed until further notice.

The exception to this are events that require the students to be present such as State Exams or facilities including the Primary School Center, Testothek’ in the Psychology Department and the Schulgarten (Ecological Learning Garden). All facilities will follow the necessary precautions for infection control.

After evaluation of the new Corona Regulation by the Rectorate, it is not deemed reasonable to restart face-to-face classes with only 4 weeks left in the semester, even if it becomes possible after 1 July. At this time the Examiner’s Office and Administration are now working on a concept for the legally compliant procedure, on the one hand, for the exam period, on the other, to stay within the regulation for infection control. This means that the exam format as well as the exam period dates may vary from the normal procedures in the past.

The beginning of the Orientation Week for the Winter Term 2020/21 has been decided in the PH Weingarten’s Senate to commence on 26 October. The start of regular classes will then be on 12 November.

Some Facilities to reopen

With special permission from the Rector’s Office, some facilities at the University of Education Weingarten will now reopen.

These include the Primary School Center, the ‘Testothek’ in the Psychology Department, the Schulgarten (Ecological Learning Garden) as well as the psychological counseling. These facilities are deemed necessary to carry out student services. All facilities will follow the necessary precautions for infection control.

Please contact the individual facilities for further questions. Article in German.

University buildings to remain closed until 14 June

The implementation of the changes to the Corona regulations from the State of Baden-Württemberg dated 26 May 2020 calls for the general closing extension of buildings and facilities at the University of Education until and including 14 June.

PH Weingarten to continue with Digital Learning

Stand: 18 May 2020

The state of Baden-Württemberg has extended the suspension of classes with the new Corona Regulation from May 9 until at least May 24. The exception will continue to be digital courses.

At this time, individual departments, together with the Office of the Dean and Rector’s Office, are working on concepts for classroom teaching for example with practical laboratory courses. Concepts are being developed that will offer the highest safety precautions for all participants. Similar plans are being developed for exams.

The majority of the administrative staff are still working in Home Offices. Furthermore, the PH buildings will remain closed for the time being. The library is an exception with special opening hours.

The Studierendenwerk Seezeit is now offering breakfast and lunch to go when ordered by telephone in advance. For more details:


University Library reopens with Restrictions

Update: 23 April 2020

Beginning Monday, 27 April, the university library will open its doors to students and staff. To protect the health and safety of all users as well as library staff, there will be some restrictions.

For now, only the borrowing and returning of literature is possible. No one may gather in the library. The number of visitors in the library will be limited to 15 users at one time and the distancing rules will remain in place as well as the wearing of a face mask.

The opening hours will be from 10 am to 2 pm for the time being.

Cautious easing of Lockdown with the Fifth Corona Regulation

Update: 21 April 2020

The state government of Baden-Württemberg has undertaken measures to ease some restrictions on the lockdown in the fifth Corona Regulation from 17 April to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. For example, some exams may now take place under certain conditions.

Classes on campus are prohibited until 3 May. Digital classes are allowed and will take place at the PH Weingarten. Acceptance Exams, Selection Processes and Exams in person can be authorized by the Rectorate if this cannot be carried out through the use of electronic IT and communication technology. Here, the regulations for infection prevention will be followed. This also applies to absolutely essential practice-oriented events.

The University library may open according to the Regulation but only under certain conditions. The PH plans to reopen the library and the required measures are being prepared. The “Seezeit”- operated Canteen and Cafeteria must remain closed.

The gathering of more than five persons in buildings or on the PH campus is prohibited until 3 May. The access to PH buildings and sport facilities will remain limited to employees of the PH.

Summer Term Update

Update 20 April 2020

Digital Orientation Week

Click here for the Digital Orientation Week page from the Student Advisory Services.

Beginning immediately, there will be a Moopaed course from the Student Advisory Services available. Here you will find information regarding studies for BA and Med Teacher Education plus much more. The course requires a student registration number and can be accessed by all members of the PH Weingarten using their PH account.

If you have any questions, please feel to contact us by telephone 0751/501-8728 or Email this week.

We wish you a great start in the “Digital Orientation Week”.

Update 13 April 2020

  •  The Orientation Week for the Summer Term 2020 will be from 20 - 24 April.
     The Orientation Week will be offered in digital form.
  • The start of regular classes in the Summer Term 2020 will be on April 27 and will be offered Online for the time being.

Summer Term: University looks at alternative learning formats

Update: 1 April 2020

The Summer Term is approaching but no one knows how the Corona Pandemic will continue to develop in Germany. It is also uncertain whether classroom teaching will be able to take place at the universities. For this reason, the University of Education Weingarten is preparing alternative learning formats.

In a letter to members of the university community, the Rectorate of the University of Education Weingarten gave an overview of online learning activities, alternatives for internships, new exam formats, opportunities to complete courses which were cancelled for example, compact courses, as well as further actions.

The Letter from the Rectorate to the university community from March 31, 2020.
(Letter in German)

University of Education Weingarten to close Tuesday

Update: 23 March 2020

Due to current developments, the University of Education Weingarten will close as of Tuesday, March 24, 2020. This means that all buildings and facilities will be closed until further notice and will no longer accessible by students or the public.

The majority of employees in Administration were already sent home over the last few days and are mostly working from home offices. Only a few employees who must keep systems and processes running are in the office. Teaching staff is also working from home. What is now needed are creative solutions for working collaboration and also for teaching and exams.

For students, the most important departments, Student Secretary, Student Advisory Service, the Exams Office, the Internship Office as well as the International Office can still be reached by telephone or by email.

The University of Education has also created a central internet page on the Corona Virus. The information is continuously being updated.

International Office Information

The International Office is in contact with all international exchange students and partner universities/ institutions to clarify any possible questions and to provide them with updates

The following contacts are available to help you with your individual concerns:

Incoming students for the summer semester 2020 (April-July 2020) who were planning to come to Weingarten in April:
Kim Enderle: enderle(at)ph-weingarten.de
At this time, we cannot guarantee that the academic program will run as usual after April 20 and we also do not know how long the travel restrictions to Germany will last. Therefore, we ask our incoming students who are not yet in Weingarten to postpone their exchange to a later semester. We will be happy to reserve a place for you in the upcoming winter semester (October 2020 – February 2021). We really would like to have you here in the future. Instructions were sent to you per E-Mail. Please contact us for further questions.

Incoming students who are already in Weingarten and plan to stay in Germany for the summer semester 2020:
Kim Enderle: enderle(at)ph-weingarten.de
Several students have already returned to their home country, or are planning to do so within the next few days. Some others are planning to stay in Weingarten for the summer semester. Our policy for now is that exchange students may stay. Students are being informed about the safety and protection measures required. Please contact us immediately if your plan changes. We will provide you with all necessary information concerning the organization of the summer semester 2020 as soon the official information is available.

Outgoings, students from the University of Education Weingarten who are currently abroad:
Erasmus+ - Briana Vege:
Overseas - Beate Irion: irion(at)ph-weingarten.de
PH Students who are abroad were already contacted by our team. Please remain in contact with us.

Outgoings, students who are nominated for a semester abroad starting in Winter semester 2020/21 or in Summer semester 2021 in one of our partner Universities:
Erasmus+ - Briana Vege: aniellikeller(at)ph-weingarten.de
Overseas - Beate Irion: irion(at)ph-weingarten.de
We will proceed as usual with the nominations to our partner universities but will be of course constantly evaluating the situation. Please follow our information per E-mail.

Contact person for partner Universities and other international institutions:
Dr. Marcia Schillinger: schillinger(at)ph-weingarten.de
Acting Director International Office 

CORONA Virus: Update 18 March 2020

Germany, along with other countries in Europe, is experiencing an ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19. The University of Education Weingarten is continuously monitoring the developments concerning the virus and a number of preventive measures have been already taken.

The Baden-Württemberg State government has suspended all academic activities at the University of Education Weingarten until 19 April 2020 (17.03.2020).

This also means that all exams, including state exams, internships, compact seminars and all other student events have been canceled or postponed. The sports center as well as the swimming pool, the canteen and the cafeteria will also remain closed until further notice.

As of 18 March the library will remain closed until further notice.

Update from 18 March, the state government has:

- prohibited all forms of gatherings in and outside the university independent of the number of people. - prohibited persons from entering the university areas who, in the last 14 days, were in one of the risks areas for the corona virus as defined by Robert Koch Institute (www.rki.de)
- prohibited persons from entering the university areas who were in contact with someone infected with corona virus or persons who are showing some symptoms and/or increased temperature.

These preventive measures are continuously being reassessed. The situation has changed drastically since last week. At this time, we cannot guarantee that the academic program will run as usual after April 20. Online activities are being considered.

The European Union has also implemented a 30 day travel ban for non-citizens into the European Union. The exception is for citizens from Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain and Andorra. https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/coronavirus/2317268

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the International Office. The International Office is in contact with all international exchange students and partner universities/ institutions to clarify any possible questions and to provide them with updates.

Updated information can be also found in the Website of the University of Education Weingarten (in German).

Entry: travel restrictions and border controls

Update: March 17, 2020
Germany has introduced travel restrictions for entries from outside the Schengen area on March 17, 2020.

All corresponding entries from non-EU-citizens and citizens of non-Schengen states by plane or ship will be affected. Entry will be possible for German citizens.

Also EU-citzens and citizens of Great Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and their family members will be allowed to transit through Germany to reach their home countries.

The same will apply for foreigners holding a residence permit in one of these countries. Other people may be rejected entry, if they cannot provide proof of urgent reasons for their entry.

In addition, temporary borders controls have been introduced between Germany and France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Denmark from Monday, March 16th, 8:00 a.m. Deliveries of goods and commuters are allowed to cross these borders.

Travelers on any non-essential travels may be refused entry. Further details are availble here.

Unsere Aufgaben und Ziele

Die Internationalisierung von Studium und Lehre ist eines der zentralen Ziele der Pädagogischen Hochschule Weingarten. Dazu gehört die Förderung des weltweiten Austausches von Studierenden und Lehrenden. Die Grundlage dafür ist eine kontinuierliche Pflege und der Ausbau von Hochschulpartnerschaften. Das International Office ist eine Schnittstelle zwischen den Fakultäten, den Fächern und dem Rektorat, um Mobilität und Austausch zu organisieren, zu unterstützen, zu pflegen und anzuregen.

Grundsätzliche Zuständigkeit

Studierendenmobilitäten im Rahmen von bestehenden Kooperationen (Auslandssemester in/out, Auslandspraktikum out) und nach verfügbaren Mitteln (bspw. ERASMUS+ KA 103, Baden Württemberg STIPENDIUM).

Im Rahmen von ERASMUS+ können zudem je nach verfügbaren KA 103-Mitteln Dozenten-/ Verwaltungsmobilitäten realisiert werden. Ebenso kann zur Anbahnung von Forschungsprojekten ggf. der Kontakt zu bereits bestehenden internationalen Kooperationspartnern hergestellt werden.

Information zu Forschungsprojekten, in deren Rahmen Studierendenmobilitäten vorgesehen sind und finanziert werden: Nach Möglichkeit können diese Studierendenmobilitäten in Absprache vom AAA mitbetreut werden.

Wenn Sie ein Forschungsprojekt beantragen möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte an das Servicezentrum Forschung.



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