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09.06.2015: Global Learning in Germany and England: Indian perspectives

Hochschulöffentlicher Vortrag
18:00h - 19:30h / Festsaal

Global learning in schools of Germany has started taking a definite shape

and there are attempts to design it for all subjects. A novel concept of

"global classroom" (Stuttgart) is also on the move. London having

a high population of ethnic groups, global learning is incorporated

in several schools in all possible subjects. It enhances pupils´skills

and awareness to efficiently deal with diversities, global issues

and in making minor lifestyle changes.

For Indians, it´s a new, emerging and an interesting arena.

Tough India is a proud host to several cultures, languages

and diversities; possibly never realized the need of such a subject.

Ansprechpartner:                      Prof. Dr. Lang-Wojtasik