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Scientific Consultancy / Research


  • Scientific consultancy for the national educational standards for EFL-teaching in the Principality of Liechtenstein (grades 1 to 9).
  • Research and consultancy in the Comenius-project ELIAS "Early Language and Intercultural Acquisition Studies" (2008-2010) which is a collaboration between teachers at bilingual preschools and researchers in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, and Belgium, (
  • Chair of research at a German-English bilingual preschool in Hannover (2006-2009).
  • Research and consultancy in the project "Immersion an der Grundschule" (Chaired by Prof. Dr. Henning Wode, Kiel University) in a partial immersion programm at Claus-Rixen-School where all subject are taught in the foreign language English except the ambient language, German (2002-2007).
  • Research and organizational chair of the evaluation project at secondary schools with CLIL in Northern Germany (1990 – 1996) in the "Kieler Projekts zu Immersion und bilingualem Unterricht" (Chair: Prof. Dr. H. Wode, Kiel University)


Pre- and In-Service Training for Teachers


  • in-service workshops about early foreign language learning and CLIL/ immersion teaching for teachers at the kindergarten, elementary and secondary level 
  • pre-service training of teachers who are going to start teaching in immersion /CLIL programs


Teaching Materials


  • author and member of the advisory board of the journal Take off! (Westermann Publishers: