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Faculties and Departments

At the University of Education Weingarten, teaching and research are organized according to two general disciplinary groups, or faculties. Each faculty is comprised of teaching staff, administrative staff and students within the following departments:


Faculty I Everyday Life and Health, Education, Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Social Studies/Political Science, Geography, History, Housekeeping/Textiles, Educational Psychology, Philosophy/Ethics, General Studies, Sociology, Sports, Business Administration.
Faculty II Biology, Chemistry, German, including speech training, English, French, Computer Science, Fine Art, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Engineering.

Each faculty is managed by a Faculty Board, consisting of the Faculty Dean, the Vice-Dean, and the Academic Dean. The Faculty Dean chairs the Faculty Council, a panel that advises the Faculty Board and decides on matters, such as the preparation of structural and development strategies, submits budget proposals, and drafts job descriptions for professors. Furthermore, the Faculty Council adopts resolutions regarding course regulations, rules for academic exams, and degree programs available.
The student members of the Faculty Council comprise the Student Council (Fachschaft) and make up one of the committees of the Faculty Council.
For tasks that require the cooperation of both faculties, there are two joint committees: General Studies (Sachunterricht) and the Academic Committee (Studienkommission).

Facilities common to both faculties include the Elementary School Center (Grundschulzentrum or GSZ) and the Montessori Studio (see statutes).

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