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Research Centre for Secondary Education

Within the overall context of research oriented towards educational science at the University of Education Weingarten, the Centre for Secondary Education is engaged in matters that relate to educational processes in the lower and upper secondary school classes, and thus in [German] grades 5-12. Furthermore, it focuses on various areas of professional education, thereby covering the age range from 10-20 years of age. This includes research interest in the transition from elementary school and the transition to vocational training or to university studies. Thus, the two central ideas of scholastic aptitude and suitability for training are also laid down as overriding research goals. Specifically, the members of the Centre for Secondary Education are currently engaged in the following research areas:

- Promoting reading
- Promoting  health and fitness training
- Bilingual teaching
- Political education
- Movement, image and language

The Centre for Secondary Education deals with these research issues from a social science point of view and tries to work out interdisciplinary solutions. To achieve this, the focus is on quasi-experimental studies.

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