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Centre for Regionalism and School History

The Centre for Regionalism and School history was established in 2006 as an association of researchers at the University of Education Weingarten and consists of 16 academics. Virtually all disciplines represented at the College of Education are represented in this research centre.

The objectives of the Centre are:

- The interdisciplinary study of the Upper Swabia region as a cultural and natural environment in the broadest sense; 
- Comparative regional research and the study of the phenomenon of "regionalism";

- The development of a service for schools, administrations, tourism and all interested bodies;
- Cooperation with individuals and institutions in Upper Swabia and neighbouring regions;
- Effectiveness as a regional centre of excellence which reaches throughout the region.

For this purpose, the Centre operates its own research projects, organises symposia and lecture series and participates in other institutions' projects. The current programme of the Regionalism Forum can be viewed in the University of Education Weingarten's Calendar of Events.

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