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Research Centre for Elementary and Primary Education

The Centre for Elementary and Primary Education considers itself to be a research and development centre for the professionalisation and for scientific investigation and monitoring of educational processes in children until the end of primary school.

In recent years, the importance of early childhood education – not least because of the results of the PISA studies – has been given more public and political attention. It became clear that up to now in Germany, in elementary education, the education aspect in particular has been seriously underestimated. Thus, up to present only little scientific research has been done in this area.

In its Centre for Elementary and Primary Education, the University of Education Weingarten now brings together the educational, psychological and didactic perspectives of childhood education processes. With research and development as the focal points, the centre is devoted to the question of how children aged 0-10 years learn and how this development can be aided. The focus is on a child-centred perspective; as educational institutions, the nursery school and primary school are particularly recognised for their supporting and unifying functions. The respective educational professionals should become further qualified for their jobs.

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