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Research Centre for Adult Education

At the Centre for Adult Education, colleagues from basic sciences (education, philosophy, psychology, theology), subject methodology (e.g.: German, music, religious education, technology) and cross-disciplinary studies (e.g.: media education and didactics) work closely together.

The focus of interdisciplinary profession and professionalisation research includes innovations in the school (organisational, staff and curriculum development), extracurricular pedagogical fields (education in adults, extracurricular youth education), vocational and non-vocational education and new learning cultures (non-formal education and informal learning).

The work in the Centre offers suggestions and support for young academics so that the qualification process can be comprehensively used for their own academic biography.

Empirical and theoretical research and evaluations are currently focused on:

- Pedagogical professionalisation and school development
- Opportunities and limitations of new media
- Skills development, basic education and literacy over the learners' life span
- Ethos and ethics in pedagogy and philosophy
- Cross-disciplinary challenges typical of a historical time period

For more information: German homepage of the Centre for Adult Education

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Prof. Dr. Gregor Lang-Wojtasik 

+ 49 751 501-8056